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What Is ISO?

ISO is everything and everywhere.
ISO is the bag on your back; ISO is the Iphone or Ipad that you carry; ISO is the laptop you use; ISO is the vehicle you drive; ISO is the CSR you speak to.
Everything that you use or wear or carry is made in a factory or workshop in a step by step, specific and standardized way. All the workers perform actions on an item in a certain predetermined way and sequence. This is called Standardization which delivers products or services of consistent quality to you. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a management standard known as ISO 9001made up of proven business principles, which if followed by any organization, whether selling Products or Services results in delivery of a consistent experience for the customer.
ISO is a collection of best practices of the best run organizations in the world like Toyota, General Motors and AT & T etc. Instead of improving your organization in a haphazard manner or adopting management fads, ISO 9001 offers an interwoven collection of time proven practices that give any organization an edge over its competitors.
ISO ensures that the paint on your children’s toys, furniture and you house is not harmful to human health.
ISO is the difference between life and death in the medical field. ISO ensures that the medical equipment is of dependable quality and that the medical tests are reliable and traceable, which help the consultants in diagnosing and treating the diseases correctly.
ISO is the safety devices in your car like air bags and brake pads and ISO is also in the road ensuring safer turns and safer bridges.
ISO is the cell phones and the X-ray equipment at the dentists ensuring that the radiations from the equipment are not harmful to human health.
ISO is ensuring that your workers are happy and motivated in their jobs and are fully involved in making your business profitable.
ISO is understanding the changes in your market and delivering a product that exceeds your client’s expectations and developing brand loyalty in a fast changing world.
ISO is managing all parts of your business from purchasing to product delivery to logistics to customer service in such a way as to streamline all areas and make your operations cost effective.
ISO is ensuring that your product or service beats the competition in its functions, attributes, value for money, price, quality, dependability and functionality, thus ensuring that your brand becomes the no 1 choice for the buyers among the many alternatives available in the market.

ISO is the documentation of the management system along-with its processes. ISO says “Write what you Do, and Do what you Write. The documentation includes wiring the Quality policy, Quality Objectives, Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and Job descriptions as well as maintaining records of different activities.
ISO is ensuring that correct and updated versions of all documents including Procedures, Work Instruction, Design and Development documents and Records are available at all the places where work is carried out.
ISO is ensuring the commitment of the Top management to the inculcation of Quality in all aspects of the organization including a Customer focus, and that an Internal Communication System is developed within the organization which informs about the effectiveness of the quality management system.
ISO is ensuring the meetings of the management take place at appropriate times and occasions to review and monitor the development of the quality management system, its adequacy and assessing opportunities for Improvement.
ISO is providing for competent human resources to the organization in terms of education, training, skills and experience. It is also determining the training and education requirements of employees and providing them with the in-house and external training necessary for performing well in their positions.
ISO is determining the requirements and providing buildings, workspace, equipment and supporting services such as transport, communication and information systems necessary for delivering the product or service. It is also ensuring that working conditions such as noise, temperature, humidity, lighting or weather are ideal for the requirements under which the product is to be manufactured.
ISO is planning in an organized manner for product realization so that customer inputs and requirements are noted, whether the company has the required capacity to determine the customer requirements is determined.
ISO is managing the Design and Development by first planning, through getting the functional, performance, regulatory requirements and information from previous similar designs; then developing the Design outputs which meet the requirements and after that reviewing, verifying and validating that the design meets the requirements and then also making sure that any Design and Development changes are inculcated in to the final design.
ISO is a framework of Procedures that ensures that the Purchasing process is done in such a way that the best Suppliers/Vendor are pre-qualified through a screening process ensuring that only good quality raw material enters the Production Process thus removing defects in the final product at the source.
ISO is organizing the Production methods and Processes as a uniform whole in which each part is controlled and managed so as to get uniform products or services which are of a superior Quality. It is ensuring that the equipment is correct and personnel are qualified and trained for the job, and that the Processes are approved and specific methods and procedures are used to deliver the product or service.
ISO is eliminating defective or repair requiring products resulting in cost savings, increase in market share and better reputation in the market. ISO is utilizing Statistical techniques to monitor product quality and also to find out the source of defects and eliminates them resulting in substantial savings for the organization. It is identifying and tracing the product as it passes through different stages of production with the organization.
ISO is making sure that customer supplied material or property to be used in the production process is preserved and identified and ensuring that the raw material and In-Process material is stored in such a way as to keep it safe from any sort of damage and pilferage.
ISO is ensuring that Monitoring and Measuring Equipment like weighing machines and measuring equipment is kept under controlled conditions and that they are calibrated against international standards to ensure their effectiveness.
ISO is monitoring the customer perception and satisfaction levels continuously through customer feedback, opinion surveys, lost business analysis, complaints, warranty claims and dealer reports.
ISO is conducting internal and external third party audits to check if its quality management system conforms to ISO 9001 international standards and its own planning and functional requirements.
ISO is monitoring and measuring the ability of the business processes to meet requirements and to rectify them if they do not. It is also monitoring and measuring the product characteristics to see if they meet requirements.
ISO is controlling the nonconforming product by removing it from the good lot and determining whether it needs repair or has to be scrapped and removing the reason for the fault.
ISO is analyzing the data from the production process to determine if the quality management system is meeting requirements and finding areas for continual improvement of the system.
ISO is ensuring that steps are taken for continual improvement of the system through use of Quality Policy, measurable Quality Objectives, audits, analysis of data and management review.
ISO is providing a system for Preventive Action for Maintenance of machinery and infrastructure to eliminate causes of potential nonconformities and to keep repairs to a minimum, and Calibration of Gauges ensuring accurate readings resulting in good quality products and safety for both workers and machinery.
ISO is doing Corrective Actions when nonconformities or defects occur in the product, the business process or anywhere in the system and determining & removing their causes.
ISO is developing a culture change in the organization which focuses on continuous improvement, removes dependence on individuals and has a built-in system of Internal and External Audit which ensures that the Quality gains are sustained over time.

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